General Meat Tips

Bringing Meat to Room Temperature

Always allow yourself enough time to bring the meat out of the fridge
prior to rest on the kitchen bench so that it can be brought to room
temperature or as close to it as you can get given your time avilable.
Timing will depend on the size of meat and temperature of the day!
For a steak, it may take 20 minutes but for a 2kg roast, it may take an
This allows the meat to brown quicker to seal in the juices and also to
cook more evenly throughout.

Resting your Meat

Always rest your cooked meat! This allows the juices which are driven
to the centre during cooking, to redistribute throughout the meat. It
also means that when you slice into the meat, there will be less juice
Timing for resting will vary depending on size of the meat.
For steaks, approximately 5 minutes would suffice. For a large roast,
you would need to allow for approximately 10-15 minutes of resting

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