What’s the difference between Grass Fed & Grain Fed Beef?

There is that obvious statement of grass fed cattle have eaten grass and grain fed cattle have eaten grain however there is a bit more to it than that!

Grass Fed / Pasture Fed Beef

The majority of Australian beef is raised in a pasture fed environment. To be classified as grass fed, the cattle must have spent their entire life grazing on grass.  Grass fed cattle tend to have a slightly more yellowish tinge to their fat and have lower levels of saturated fat in comparison to grain fed.

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Grain Fed Beef

Grain fed beef come from cattle that have already spent a portion of their life grazing on pastures however are “finished on grain” for a minimum set period of its life.  Essentially, they are fed rations of grain at an accredited feedlot which could be for a duration of as little of 35 days up to 400 days or more.

Grain fed beef tend to have more consistent whiter fat and marbling than grass fed which provides a consistent taste and tenderness.

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