Award Winning Sutcliffe’s Australian Double Smoked HALF Leg Ham

Each of our hams have a little bit of Sutcliffe love in them. They are not mass produced like a lot of the hams you see in major supermarkets – we stick to small batches only.

Our hams are special and after you try them for yourself, we know you will also find them special!

Cured with a Sutcliffe’s recipe, our multi award winning bone in traditional leg hams are naturally double smoked using beechwood chips which gives it a perfect balance of smokiness, saltiness and sweetness.  Not to mention that our hams are also gluten free!

As an Australian owned business, we are proud to only use Australian grown pork that provides support for both Australian pig producers and the communities they live in.

Please note: This ham image is given as a recommended serving suggestion of a glazed and baked ham.