Jalapeno Cheese Sauce 500ml

Introducing our mouthwatering Jalapeño Cheese Sauce – the perfect blend of creamy, cheesy goodness with a spicy kick that will elevate any dish to new heights.

Made with real, premium-quality cheese and infused with the bold flavor of fresh jalapeños, our Jalapeño Cheese Sauce offers a delightful combination of smooth, rich texture and zesty heat. Each bite delivers a perfectly balanced taste experience that’s both comforting and exciting.

Our Jalapeño Cheese Sauce is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Drizzle it over nachos, pour it on burgers, or dip your favorite snacks like pretzels, fries, or veggies. It’s also fantastic as a topping for baked potatoes, mixed into mac and cheese, or as a spicy addition to your favorite casseroles.

Price: $16.99 each