Wagyu Rib Eye MB6+ 200g

Oakey Premium Scotch Fillet MB6+ also known as rib eye steak is one of our favourites! The marble score 6+ gives the steak exceptional flavour and tenderness.

Fed a high quality ration of grains at our Whyalla Beef Feedlot and packed at our state of the art facility, Oakey Beef Exports, Oakey Premium Wagyu will satisfy your demand for a flavourful, safe product.
• Grain Fed, Processed and Packed at our vertically integrated “Whyalla Beef” Feedlot and state of the “Oakey Beef Exports” processing facility
• Fed a specifically designed high quality ration, ensuring mouth watering appearance and unique flavour profile
• Traceability from paddock to plate
• Range of marbling scores available to suit taste and cooking style

Price: $30.00 each

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Cooking Tips:

  • BBQ
  • Char Grill
  • Pan Fry