Australian Pacific Reef Large Cooked Tiger Prawns

Pacific Reef Australian Extra Large Cooked Tiger Prawns – a delectable delicacy that brings the flavors of the sea to your table with ease and convenience. Sourced from the pristine waters of Australia, these prawns are a testament to quality and taste.

Our Extra Large Cooked Tiger Prawns are renowned for their generous size, succulent texture, and naturally sweet flavor. Each prawn is meticulously cooked to perfection, preserving its freshness and tenderness while ensuring they are ready to enjoy with minimal effort.

Whether you’re planning a festive seafood feast or a quick weeknight dinner, our prawns are the perfect addition to your culinary repertoire. Their delicate taste pairs beautifully with a variety of seasonings and dipping sauces, making them a versatile and flavorful choice for any occasion.

Please note that product is frozen and will begin to thaw during delivery

Sizing for these prawns are 10/15