Spoonfed Jams 200g


Ham Jam: Brace your tastebuds for juicy cherries simmered with exotic spices. This ham jam is perfect with ham, turkey, duck, chicken, kangaroo or even cheese! Serve up one of your best Christmas hams ever with this delicious number!

Pork Jam: Expertly blended pineapple and exotic Asian Spices. Perfect with pork, duck, chicken, prawns or grilled fish

Lamb Jam: Apple, mint, rosemary & other spices create the perfect partner with lamb. Tastes equally delicious on pork, halloumi cheese, or as a glaze on carrots & root vegetables.

Snag Jam: Luscious hand smoked tomatoes are enlivened with spices. Enjoy with any grilled meat and don’t hold a sausage sizzle without it!

Red Onion Jam: Also known as the “Winemaker’s Jam” A sensational combination of red onions, red wine and port. A versatile partner with many foods; scrumptious with steak, roast chicken or your favourite cheese.

Garlic Jam: Caramelised garlic, lemon and zingy herbs take garlic to another dimension. Garlic Jam is brilliant with steak, sausages, poultry, cheese & stir-fries.