Lamb Suppliers

Our lamb products are 100% Australian. Our lamb suppliers undertake ethical, environmentally sound practices and their livestock are pasture-fed, free-range and hormone-free. The better the lifestyle of the animal, the better the meat will taste, and our lamb is the best-tasting and highest quality in the market.

Our range of lamb products are available in-store

Breakout River Meats

Breakout River Meats are committed to producing top quality Australian lamb, beef and pork.

Breakout River Meats undertake a number of specialised farming processes that ensure the longevity, freshness and quality of their unbeatable products. Breakout brands such as Cowra Lamb are available in selected stores only. Please contact us for more information.

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Hardwicks Meatworks

Hardwicks Meatworks is an Australian family-owned business that prides itself on its premium quality beef and lamb products. Hardwicks Meatworks specialises in beef and lamb that is fresh, high-quality and delicious.

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