Crumbed Fish Goujons 1kg

Introducing our Crumbed Fish Goujons – a delectable seafood sensation that’s sure to delight seafood lovers of all ages.

Crafted from the finest cuts of fish, each goujon is delicately coated in a light and crispy breadcrumb crust, ensuring a perfect balance of texture and flavor with every bite. Whether you’re hosting a casual gathering, planning a family meal, or simply seeking a quick and tasty snack, our Fish Goujons are the perfect choice.

Versatile and easy to prepare, our Fish Goujons can be oven-baked or fried to perfection in just minutes, making them ideal for busy weeknights or impromptu gatherings. Serve them alongside a fresh salad, pair them with your favorite dipping sauce, or enjoy them as a delicious sandwich filling – the possibilities are endless.

Please note that this product is frozen and will begin to thaw during delivery

Price: $21.00 each