Grass Fed Beef Osso Bucco 1kg

Osso Bucco is a quality choice of beef that works perfectly in hearty stews and slow cooked meals for cold winter nights.

Translated literally as “hollowed bone”, Osso Bucco has a delicate flavour that’s hard to mistake. It’s easy to work with, and its flavour blends well with simple, easy-to-find ingredients. It’s one of your best friends if you want to make a quick, hearty dish to impress your family or dinner guests.

Make your next stew with Sutcliffe’s premium Beef Osso Bucco. Guaranteed to warm up even the chilliest of evenings, it’s a must for any dedicated home cook’s kitchen.

Price: $20.00 each

Cooking Tips:

  • Braise and Casserole
  • Simmer