Smoked Salmon 1kg

Delight in the gourmet pleasure of our Smoked Salmon Side, a luxurious 1kg portion of culinary excellence that promises to elevate your dining experience. Crafted with the finest salmon, this side offers the perfect balance of delicate flavor, succulent texture, and a delightful smoky essence that will tantalize your taste buds.

Our Smoked Salmon Side begins with the selection of premium salmon, known for its rich, buttery taste. The side is meticulously cured with a blend of salt and sugar, allowing the salmon to develop a subtle sweetness while preserving its natural moisture. It is then expertly smoked to perfection, infusing it with a mesmerizing smoky aroma that is nothing short of divine.

This generous side of smoked salmon is incredibly versatile. Whether you adorn your brunch platter with thin slices, layer it on a bagel with cream cheese, or incorporate it into your favorite pasta dish, its exquisite flavor will elevate any culinary creation to a realm of sophistication.

This product is frozen and will begin to thaw during delivery

Price: $52.99 each